Author Topic: Hewitt sends out props to Fed  (Read 1294 times)

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Hewitt sends out props to Fed
« on: January 10, 2005, 02:51:42 PM »
Hewitt has stated that there is no shame in losing to Fed and that he is the best in the world right now.  He also said that if it wasn't for Federer he would be #1 right now.

I want to focus on that last part right now.  Would he really be #1?

Federer, Roger (SUI )  = 6525 points

Roddick, Andy (USA )  = 3655 points

Hewitt, Lleyton (AUS )  = 3590 points

He is awfully close to being #2, and in the end without Roger that would put him at #1 with a few more points.  But you have to wonder who he would of played rather than Roger to win those matches...  At the slams he lost to Roger 2 times (was it 3?) and then again at the YEC???  I guess he would actually have to win that match against whoever would have beaten Roger to gain additional points to make his statement valid.

Looking at Wimbledon Karlovic was the only player that could of given Hewitt much problems.  I believe he beat him before at the big W when Hewitt was the defending champion.

At the US Open it could fo been Heman - Agassi - Pavel - Sontoro

I think Agassi could of won that match, Pavel is no push over, but probably no match for Hewitt on a good day for Hewitt.

At the YEC it could of been any one of tough players out of Fed's end of the draw.  I guess in the end he can see it how he wishes to see it.  But I think 2004 proved his #3 rankign to be fairly accurate.  I do think he will be ranked higher than Roddick in 2005.  I think Roddick will be around #4 and #5 this year.
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Hewitt sends out props to Fed
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2005, 06:51:38 PM »
They played three times in the slams last year.  Once in a final.  

From a points perspective, he would have been #1 if he did not meet Federer at the Australian and Wimbledon.  He lost to Fed in the 16's at
the Australian Open and the quarters at Wimbledon.  If he made it
to one round more at each, he would have eclipsed Roddick.

The US Open, he likely would have met up with Andre, who would have
probably beaten Hewitt.