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Tennis Superstitions?


Anyone have any tennis superstitions?

When I made the trip to Arizona I had been eating subway before every match and I was winning just about all of my matches.  So I was stuck on subway.  When we rolled in AZ I had to find the subway and make sure I was set.  Luckily there was one near the courts.

I also bust the grey shirts for just about every match.  I really do not like wearing any other shirts for tennis.  This assumes my wife has done the laundry in time...

I usually stick to what has been working.  it is not life or death if I do not, but if something is working, I usually do not change.

What about you?  Here is a link about tennis stars and their superstitions.

nobody?   I am the onyl coo-coo one here?  :insane:

Heh, well I'll throw this in so u dont feel so insane.

I dunno if this is a superstition as much as its merely a habit but when I'm returning serve, I usually hold my racquet in my forehand grip while waiting. And as I'm waiting on the serve, I usually spin my racquet three times around going counterclockwise.

Heh  ;)

Its not that special but its just a little habit I have. Asdie from that, I've never had special boxers or a special shirt that I wear when I think I'm gonna win... lol course I usually DONT win so that's probably why hahaha. If I think of any other superstitious habits, I'll be sure to post um.

whew, I feel more sane.  I have to have my gatorade when I hit  the courts now too, I hate water...  Well, unless it has gatorade powder in it.


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