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I am not sure if we discussed then 6 months ago or so, but below is an ESPN anaylsis of which sports are the toughest sports to play.  I thought it was very interesting.  Tennis came in @ #7 which is sweet!  Tennis requires some of the most hand-eye coordination of any sport!

They used 13 or so categories to rank how tough the sport is, really a neat analysis.

Man, tennis was in last place! lol It had like 1.7% of the votes!! I voted for gymnastics  :|  sorry guys but I use 2 b a gymnast and its so much more physically demanding than tennis. Tho I do think tennis takes more coordination and ability to concentrate than gymnastics did...

Last place in what?  What others thought?  I missed that poll.  I like the ESPN analysis, 7th place yo, 7th place!  That is pretty good for a sport some think is a girlie sport.

Hockey comes in second.  However I don't think it's as skill-oriented as tennis and therefore not as hard to play.  But, at high levels you risk getting your ass kicked in everytime you step on the ice.

I think that is part of it.  Football and Hockey you have to be in mad shape or weigh about 500 pounds because you are going to get hit a ton.  Hockey you are constantly moving.  Tennis you get breaks inbetween points.  

Tennis rocks though, let them return Roddick's serve that will move Tennis up a few notches.


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