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Well, we had an ultrasound today.  The baby is about 6 months along, we are due April 16th.  

Most of you know we already have a girl.  So of coarse we all know the the universe needs a balance.  So we are having a boy this time, and yes, Scott is very happy about that.  :)

Thought I would share, since I tell you all just about everything else.   :laugh-bounce:

Congrats! Are you going to groom your children to be the next tennis prodigies?  :winner:

lol, you never know.

I am 5'-4" tall.  Wifey is 5'-10" tall.  Our daughter has wifey's height which is great!  I am sure our son will end up being 5'-4", in which case I will not be happy about.  Not that I suck at tennis nor would it hold him back too much, but it obviously has it's disadvantages...

Abby will be 4 in April, I think next summer I will get her on a tennis court.  She has a short attention span.  Plus there is a park she plays at next to the closest tennis courts, so that will not work.  She will just want to play on the slides.  I doubt at 4 years old she will do much, but it will be nice to get a racquet in her hand and get her used to it.  I would love it if she asked to do it again some day.  pfft, I would probably have tears in my eyes as I said yes.  :)

Arcforce: fun! I'm so happy for ya, man and I defintely hope everything comes along smooth with the little boy. I'll keep the pregnancy in my prayers, for sure y0.

Anyhow, I just went thru that with my parents as I'm about to turn 16 and my parents just had a little girl 3 years ago lol I also have a 22 year old sister. Wacky little family we have here, right?

 :)~  ANyway, I'm looking forward to getting my sister on the tennis court. I always wish I'd had more time for tennis becuz I always feel a little bit behind with the other guys I play with. Its like I dont get on the level of tennis that the other guys are on until like a year late. So I wanna give my sister tons of time.

She always begs us to take her out there when she seems me go off to tournaments and practicing and stuff. I think she'll be elated to finally be out there   ;)

Again, best wishes with the little one.

There is hope scott my friend is 6 3 and his dad is only 5 5 and his mom is only 5 8 but who knows maybe he was adopted and they never told him


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