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Kooyong Tournament

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Looks like yet another Australian warmup is about to roll into effect. Some of the men's top players are there -- most notably the Fed, Roddick & Andre. I'm looking forward to seeing how Agassi will perform, not as much with Federer cuz I'm pretty sure he'll win easy. But Agassi I'm quite intrigued about....if he does well this could mean the confidence he needs to get going for winning his final AO.

Agassi seems to have the ability to turn it up for the slams.  I doubt he will take much from the tournament if he does well or if he loses.  He seems to be on fire when he is down under.  I still want to see him do well.

Henman is in this too.

Not sure if he's actually in this particular tournament but I would like to shed light on Coria. Comebacks are usualy really hard (look at Ferrero) but it looks to me that he is still beating quality players and trying to get his game back together like it should be.

Glad to see him back  :applause:

Some results...

Henman defeats Nalbandian in 2 sets
Federer defeats Gaudio in 3 sets
Agassi defeat Massau in 2 sets
Roddck defeats Ljubicic in 2 sets

I am suprised Gaudio took the first set from Fed, but Fed said the surface is a little quicker than Doha and he was adjusting.  He was happy with his match.

Nice win for Henman!  Nalbandian is tough, but I am not sure how much he has been playing.

Henman vs Federer next.

Tennis Freak:
Are these matches being televised?  I would love to see them


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