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Has Andy Roddick already had his best year, the year 2003?

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My personally feeling is Andy Roddick has already had the best year of his career.    I expect he can continue to be a contender for a number more years, he is young, talented, and works reasonable hard from what I know.    However I dont see him bettering any of his 2003 accomplishments, except a 1st round loss at the French, or equalling some of them.  

Here are things I think he will never do again personally:

1)Go on a 3-tournament win streak including 2 Masters Series titles and 1 grand slam like he did the summer of 2003
2)end a year as year-end #1
3)Win a slam final in straight sets after saving a match point in the semis
4)reach 3 slam semis in the same year

Here are things I dont see him ever doing for a first time:

1)Win 2 slams in the same year
2)get past the quarters of the French
3)Win 3 Masters Series events in the same year
4)Beat Roger more than once head to head in a year
5)Win the year-end Masters, Roger will own him indoors always
6)Win Wimbledon.  Again Roger owns this event, and Andy wont be the one to interrupt it

Here are things I think he could do again:

1)Have a year he wins a slam
2)End the year as year-end #2
3)Win 2 Masters Series titles
4)Have a win over Roger in the year

Here are things I think he could do for the first time at some point:

1)Reach 2 slam finals in a year
2)Get to the 4th round or quarters of a French

       Personally I think 2003 was a dream year for Andy and will always be his best.   If he is going to change coaches every year he is not year-end #1, or Roger is ahead of him, he will have a new coach every year.

I think those are all great thoughts.  He has a new coach this year and he says he feels better than ever.  We will let Federer be the judge of that.  Or maybe even Hewitt.

I agree, I think Roddick will win another slam here and there.  But I think his best years in terms of results are behind him.

Maybe I am looking at it the wrong way, but I found him changing coaches, claiming he isnt having success anymore as his reason, to be very arrogant.    Roger didnt claim that after he dumped Peter in 2003, I doubt not being #1 had anything to do with it.  If Andy thinks he is so great, there must be a major problem when he is not #1, well he is a good self-hypnotist, is all I can say.   That is just my opinion.

Oh, there is a major problem.  AKA Roger Federer.

If it was not for Roger, I have a feeling Gilbert would still be with Roddick.

From a perspective of being #1, I think he will not achieve.  But remember his #1 was really disputable, as he only had one grand slam that year, and Fed won the slam and year end.

I think Roddick will win more slams.  Look at Wimby last year, how he gave Fed a run for his money.


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