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Chest Pains


Looks like Nadal retired from a match with chest pains.  I hope it is not serious.  I was looking forward to seeing how he would do at the AO.  Hopefully he is fine.  He quit the match down 3-6 to Dominik Hrbaty

I've had chest pains before when I play. I thought I was having a heart attack once lol it just felt like something really heavy on my I was trapped under something and I couldnt let my lungs breathe like they should've or something. And then my chest started aching near my heart/lung. I took a medical timeout and it went away after 10 minutes. I told my parents and they told me to let um know if it happened again...I've been fine since.

ANYWAY!! lol I hope Nadal is fine.

whew, I am sure that is scarey stuff!  I have had chest pains a few years back at night, I wasn't sure what was going on.  It was stress, I went to the Emergency room just in case.  They called me a pansie, told me to calm down and sent my a$$ home.  OK, OK, they didn't call em a pansie.

Tennis Freak:
I have never had chest pains while playing tennis, but I can admit that I would be pretty nervous about it if I did.  You made the right decision by taking a medical time out.


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