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Here is the house I am working on today.  Not as big as the last one I posted on here, but I like the traditional look.  I just got tired of working on it and thought I would share...

Very nice and traditional, as you said.  I personally like Tudor, English Manor-type and anything French Country-like.  Well, I am still plugging for the big lottery win.  So when it happens, No. 4a may get a big contract to design my home.

French Country you say?  Here are 3 of them I am working on now.

Yes.  This is more my type.  My small apartment is decorated with a lot of French Country furniture (along with an odd piece, here and there).

I enjoy designing that type.  You can get away with a lot fo odd stuff and pull it off like it was always meant to be.  Small window off in the corner of a room unbalanced from everything else, well heck, that is just fine.  Traditional architecture = not ok.


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