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a vibration/buzz???


Hey all I went out to hit some this afternoon with my fiance (i live in indiana so it's been a while since i've hit) but while we were out there just about every shot excluding drop shots and backhand slices every once in a while would create this annoying vibration/buzz i don't feel it in the grip/handle but i can hear it on every shot. I play with a Head LiquidMetal 2 and was wondering if this was something that they are known for doing or if my strings could possibly be too tight? If anybody has any experience with this I would appreciate all the help you could offer.

Thanks in advance



Glad to see you swung by again!

A few things.

1.  Do you have a vibration damper?  Those are the little peices of plastic sometimes in the shape of a "W" or "P" that goes in your strings at the bottom fo the racquet.  Just about everyone uses them as it keeps a lot of the vibration from going to your arm from the racquet.

2.  Check to make sure one of your grommets is not loose.  The groomet is the plastic peice that goes around the entire racquet and sticks through the holes that the string goes through of the racquet.  They keep the string from pushing against the hard frame of the racquet.  If one of those is loose and just disconnected from the racquet it would probably make that noise when you hit a ball.  You can simple cut it off if it is disconnected.


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