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Babolot Hurricane


I got some of the strings put in my new racquet when I first ordered it simply because I'd heard some of the pros were using it and it was supposed to be good. I ended up being really disappointed with the strings...they're pretty stiff and its hard to get any feel from them...

Anyone else used uM?

Not as good as Big Banger Alu but cheaper and good in hybrids.  Which gauge did you get?  I like the 18g a lot.


You are right, they are very stiff and if you are the kind of player that relies on your touch, those strings are not for you.  However, if you are a budget person, they will last forever.  Yes, they cost a bit more, but will last at least 3 times longer than cheaper strings (probably longer).

Take care


I use BPH 17 guage on my mains and a real soft synthetic gut on the crosses. I still hold on to my touch but i have added durability and spin on my mains. Did you string the whole racquet with the PH or just the mains? Stringing the whole racquet is suicide as far as touch goes. Also be sure to string 3-5lbs lighter than you normally do, as poly based strings don't have nearly as much give, they do not need to be strung as tight.

Look at fed....he strings with luxilon BB at like 52 lbs or some crazy number. Albeit, his head size its like 88 to 90 sq inches.

I've been using this setup for almost a year, I like it very much

Interesting guys. I'll try out the hybrid.


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