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The official football (not that American rubbish) thread

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So yeah, football (or "soccer" as some people call it). Discuss away all those who want to.

That's what I like to see and I agree with the title :H

This thread should be some good fun (when Man United win that is) and I can imagine some heated exchanges will be on the way during the next few months :))

Yeah, I think it'll be just us two though. Oh well, I can more than hold my own if you decide to insult Everton

Well, I honestly don't know why it's called soccer instead of football. I mean, every other country calls it football. Not to mention the fact that the kicker is the only person who's foot actually touches the ball; and that's like 0.05% of the

I thought it was "futbol" overseas? ....Or is that in Spanish?


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