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This would be sweet!


What I wouldn't give to hop on a bus and travel for just a weekend with the Bryon Brothers on this trip!  I would of coarse make them stop the bus at every tennis court we saw and make them help me with my doubles game!

I guess the Bryon Brothers, Roddick and Fish are going to do some tour on a bus and they will tape it and air it in August.

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I'd pay anything to get on that bus.  I think I'm gonna try and get to their exhibition in Minnesota, but that is like 12 hours away....but maybe. :uh:

12 hours is not that bad.  Depending on who you get to see I guess.  I drive a whopping 2 hours for the ATP Masters in Cinncy.  I have onyl been there 3 times.  I went there this year, it had been since 1995 or 96 since I went last!

I'm not sure if this is what we're talking about but I saw a commercial that said Andy, Mardy and the Bryans were going to be playing in Nashville, Tennnessee on December 18th, I believe. A little exhibition thing, I think but it could still be fun..

Ya that is one of the stops on their tour.  They are making three stops and Andre is going to meet them in Alabama.

Minnesota Tennis Challenge
(with Andy Roddick and
the Bryan Brothers)  Xcel Energy Center
St. Paul, MN
Dec 17    
(with Andy Roddick and
Andre Agassi)  USA Mitchell Center
Mobile, AL  
Dec 18    
The Nite At The Net
(with Andy Roddick and
the Bryan Brothers)  Gaylord Entertainment Center
Nashville, TN


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