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Chad Hedrick, the sore loser, whining, complaining jerk!

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This guy is such a total a#shole!    He isnt nearly as great as he wishes he were, all the hype of him winning 5 golds, what a bunch of total bullsh%t, he was lucky to do as well as he did, winning only 1 gold and 3 medals.    He is such a whiner, such a sore loser, such a complainer, and makes excuses for his losses.   His whiny rant when Davis did not skate the team pursuit with him was pathetic, I bet he is racist anyway and wanted to rip Davis since he is black anyway.    He is such a sore loser when he does not win a race, he never can admit somebody handed his ass to him, the Italian skater did it in the 1500, and De Jong did it in the 10000.   I hope he is caught for his performance enhancing drug use in the next 4 years.

I disagree, and will get into it a different time.

Shani Davis is also a jerk.

I'm not in the mood to discuss all this, but that is correct Shani Davis is just as big if not more of a jerk than Hedrick.  He needs a big time attitude adjustment.

All the hype about Hedrick and 5 medals, there was barely any.  It was not even close to the hype Michael Phelps got in Athens.  There was virtually none.


--- Quote from: "DirtyKash" ---Shani Davis is also a jerk.
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isn't he that black guy that was an ass when the reporter wanted to interview him?


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