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This girl is bitter...

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Looks like she is bitter that she is not getting the attention that Sharapova and Myskina are getting back in Russia.  Damn those 330 people for dying!


--- Quote ---FEATURE-Open-Kuznetsova wants a little respect
Fri Jan 14, 2005 01:07 AM GMT
By Gennady Fyodorov

MOSCOW, Jan 14 (Reuters) - Despite winning the U.S. Open, finishing the year at number five in the world and helping Russia to their first Fed Cup title, Svetlana Kuznetsova feels she is not getting enough respect back home.

Russian women had a phenomenal year in 2004, sweeping the last three grand slam singles titles, with Anastasia Myskina winning the French Open, Maria Sharapova lifting the Wimbledon crown and Kuznetsova's triumph in New York.

Kuznetsova's victory, however, was overshadowed by the Beslan tragedy when more than 330 people, including 186 children, died after troops stormed a school in the small town in southern Russia where Chechen separatists had been holding hundreds hostage.

"I feel that the other Russian girls get more attention than me but I don't mind," Kuznetsova said shortly after beating fellow Russian Elena Dementieva in September's U.S. Open final.

The St Petersburg native was also disappointed not to get a congratulatory phone call from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Of course, it was disappointing not to get a call from the President especially after he came to Paris to greet Myskina in person and also phoned Sharapova after her Wimbledon victory," she told reporters at Moscow's Kremlin Cup in October.

"But I understand. After the Beslan tragedy he had much more important things on his mind than my victory."

The stocky Kuznetsova, who will be the fifth seed at next week's Australian Open, felt she did not get the recognition she deserved from the Russian media, which she said preferred her more glamorous compatriots.


"It seems like everywhere you go you're asked questions about Sharapova," she said with a grin, making no secret of her dislike for the Florida-based Russian.

"All you read is how elegant and how graceful she is and how great her Wimbledon victory was for Russia.

"Quite frankly, I've had enough of that."

Kuznetsova also took a swipe at Sharapova's love of wearing designer dresses on court.

"If someone wants to make a fashion statement they should go on stage, not on a tennis court," she said. "On court, you don't have time to worry about other things aside from tennis. It's your game which should count the most, not your outfits."

The 19-year-old player also accused Dementieva of playing up an injury during their tense final at Flushing Meadows.

After being told of Dementieva's protest that she was injured, Kuznetsova snapped: "It seems like every time Elena loses a match it's because she was hurt. It's either her arm or her leg or something. In reality, she played well but I was a better player and deserved to win."

Kuznetsova's hot temper was felt during Russia's Fed Cup tie against Australia in Moscow last April, when she lashed out at Russian tennis officials for neglecting her home town.

Asked why Russia's second city had produced few good tennis players compared to Moscow, she gave a quick answer: "You want to know why? Because all the money is in Moscow.

"We only get leftovers in St Petersburg. We don't have enough courts, enough good coaches, enough of anything," said the player, who now resides in Barcelona.


Kuznetsova, however, should not be seen as one to bear a grudge. On the contrary, many local journalists consider her the most honest and friendly player amongst the Russians.

She showed her generosity by repaying her parents for their efforts after winning the U.S. Open.

"Both of my parents have made huge sacrifices so I could become a professional tennis player and it's only fitting that now I should pay them back," said Kuznetsova, who donated some of her $1 million prize to her father's business project.

"My father is building a cycling track in St Petersburg and I want to invest some of my prize money in that project," said the player, who comes from a famous cycling family.

Her mother Galina Tsaryova was six times world cycling sprint champion and set 20 world records, her father Alexander has coached many world and Olympic champions, while elder brother Nikolai won the team pursuit silver medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

"Svetlana was 13 when her father was coaching in Spain and we decided that she should move there to get better training," Kuznetsova's mother recalled in a recent interview.

"Then we found out that Arantxa Sanchez had opened her academy in Barcelona and we enrolled Svetlana there."

Kuznetsova said she had remained close friends with the now-retired Spaniard, her former doubles partner.

"Despite the age difference, Arantxa is still one of my best friends," the Russian said recently.

"As far as the (WTA) Tour goes, it's hard to have really close friends there because we're all rivals and competitors," added Kuznetsova, naming Vera Zvonareva and Elena Likhovtseva as her best friends among the Russian players.
--- End quote ---

MC ill Logic:
She may be bitter, but I understand her comments.  The only one I thought was truly petty was the one about Maria's "designer" outfits.

I mean, sad to say, but the reason she might be being overlooked a bit is because she's about the homeliest girl in tennis.  Which is much like being the most unethical person in the insurance industry.  She's cool as hell (she's a sweetheart if her episode of No Strings is a fair representation), just a bit on the fugly side.


--- Quote ---She may be bitter, but I understand her comments. The only one I thought was truly petty was the one about Maria's "designer" outfits.

I mean, sad to say, but the reason she might be being overlooked a bit is because she's about the homeliest girl in tennis.
--- End quote ---

I have to agree here. Her comments are mostly on point -- I still remember Myskina's GQ (?) pictures and of course everyone is on Sharapova's nipples. Kuznetsova has been underpromoted (both in Russia and the states), but I think that's the result of two things. First, she's just not that cute (sad, but true). Second, she's the third Russian slam winner -- not the first (Myskina) or the youngest (Sharapova), so there's nothing remarkable about her win.

I wouldn't be caugh dead with her.  "Friend" pile all the way.


And fugly will kill ya every time standing next to Sharapova, curves or not.  :)


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