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Hewitt's blah b;ah blah


He seems to be doing a lot of talking these days.  This one wasn't bad at all, but he needs to watch himself.  I have a feeling this guy has a way of getting in trouble with what he says.

--- Quote ---Hewitt says Federer can be beaten, and he knows how
Sat Jan 15, 2005 06:44 AM GMT
By Julian Linden

SYDNEY, Jan 15 (Reuters) - Sydney International winner Lleyton Hewitt has rejected the notion that Roger Federer is a sure bet to win the Australian Open.

Hewitt knows better than most how good Federer is after losing their last six matches but the Australian said he knew the secret to beating Federer, although it was easier said than done.

"He's definitely the favourite, there's no doubt about that ...and someone's going to have to play extremely well to beat him," Hewitt said.

"But he's human and there are guys like (Andy) Roddick and (Marat) Safin and (Andre) Agassi in his half of the draw so if he's slightly off it's not going to be that easy for him."

Hewitt, whose losses to Federer last season included the finals of the U.S. Open and the Masters Cup, said the key to beating the Swiss was not to let him open up a big lead.

"If you look at the past where he's played his best tennis over probably the last 18 months he's been able to get off to flying starts against pretty much everyone," Hewitt said.

"So I think you need to stay with him early in matches.

Hewitt, 23, has won the U.S. Open and Wimbledon titles but has never made it beyond the fourth round at Melbourne in eight attempts.

As Australia's highest-ranked player in the tournament, which starts on Monday, the pressure is on Hewitt but he said the weight of expectation was not a burden.

"I think I've played in enough big matches -- Davis Cup semis and finals -- in Australia to be able to handle the situation," he said.

"I try to thrive on it more and use it more as a positive than a negative.

Hewitt has been in great form leading into the first grand slam of the year. He reached the quarter-finals of the Australian hardcourt championships in Adelaide last week then won the Sydney International for the fourth time in six years beating Czech qualifier Ivo Minar 7-5 6-0 in the final.

"I feel physically strong at the moment. I've come through some tough matches this week and I'm feeling confident where my game's at," he said.

"But grand slams are different as well, playing over five sets. You really just have to focus on one match at a time so that will be my mindset next week.

"Very rarely do you go through two weeks of a grand slam and every match is comfortable so it's a matter of getting through the tough matches and then trying to get on a bit of a roll."
--- End quote ---

I think he's saying the right things for himself.  What's the point in playing if you don't believe you can beat the guy at the top.  Look at Andy, anytime you mention Federer he deflates.

Well, and again, I didn't think that one was so bad.  But his comments about the AO courts and the Australian Open not catering to his court desires were a little off.

Tennis is a lot like golf in that form can disappear overnight.  I think it's because the athletes are so isolated, there's no one to help you, and so you can start thinking way too much.  Yeah, Federrer's playing great, but so was Tiger Woods a couple of years ago.  Fed may have another year like last year, but the grind is inexorable, and if Hewitt is really stepping up to the challenge that is Federrer (and not just spouting off at the mouth), well then, more power to him.


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