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How much string...


does it take to restring a racket?

I saw an internet offer for the string I've used and liked, Technifibre's NRG2 for 430' for $120.  Best string set prices I've seen are in the $11.50 range.  So the question is, is this a good deal?


About 32' or so for a midplus.  Usually string comes in about 40' if individual packages.

MC ill Logic:
A set of string is usually 40 feet long when packaged individually.  That doesn't seem like all that great of a deal.  430 divided by 40, depending on how big your racket is and how dense the string pattern is and how tightly you string it... At most you could probably get 11 or 12 out of that reel.  (you're supposed to double pull the Technifibre string, right?)

Doesn't seem like all that great of a deal.  You might just be better off with the added convenience of individually wrapped sets.


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