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Hybrid string trouble

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Ok everybody, I have a question and its probably mostly for the people who have experience stringing and experimenting to answer. Here goes>

Ok, a while back I bought a reel of string > Wilson Stamina 16 gauge. Well, it turns out, that string is the worst string ever and I usually make it like 2 hours with it before it breaks. So its just kinda been sitting up in my closet -- only being used when I break too many strings mid-tournament and need something strung up for a match or so.

I had a brilliant idea.

Ok, I like to play with Prince Problend. I can manage with the loss of power and the durability makes me very very happy. So, I figured -- Would it be the same concept if I bought a reel of Kevlar string and had my stringer do Kevlar for my mains and use the Wilson Stamina for my crosses? Er would that just be a recipe for disaster?

Help me out, please  :smoke:

I have seen people do those kinds of things.  You may wish to e-mail Charlie at Jade Tennis, he is the Tennis4you Equipment expert, he usually gets back to people pretty quickly. is his e-mail.

Paul from Maranatha Tennis knows strings really well to, maybe he will see this post and reply with his thoughts.  I am probably the wrong guy to answer that question...

How can you do through so-called durability strings in 2 hours?  ;;)   Mine last all summer.

Strings will be strings.  I knock through some very quickly.  If you are a 4.0 or above, I say after 20 hours of play u cut those bad boys out of their.  String loses it's tension, and you do not get that back.  Heat will cause them to lose tension.  So NEVER NEVER NEVER leave those racquets in the trunk of your car.  it is hot enough on the court!

Speaking of strings, the Big Banger on my Prostaff have static on them after i hit a lot of topspin.  Freaky stuff.  (its made of polyesther)


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