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Was this a good racquet back in the day?


Was this a good racquet back in the day?  I picked it up at a Salvation Army 5-6 years ago for a quarter.  :)

MC ill Logic:
Have you hit with that thing yet?

I had it out a few times for just a few minutes goofing around.  I pretty much suck with it.  Back in high school I played #1 and some kid played #2.  I played him a set with a wooden racquet and won 7-5.  He was pretty mad.  Not sure why, I whooped his a$$ 6-1, 6-1 with a regular racquet.

maranatha tennis:
This was my racquet in the mid seventies. I won 25 tourneys with it! The best frame. I would use it in a wood rac tourney today, although there are many good flexible frames out there. I may still have 50 or so wood frames at home.


Just 50?  :)


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