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Interesting comments in Mike Agassi's book

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In the book, Mike Agassi claims that his son deliberately lost grand salm matches- recent ones too. He claims that his son 'tanked' the infamous 'Clinton' match at the 2001 French Open QF in order to see a member of his staff who had only 24 hours to live. After takling the first set 6-1 against Sebastien Grosjean, Agassi was informed of his friend's condition from the stand and, coinciidentally, Bill Clinton turned up so evryone thought that the former president's arrival was responsible for Agassi's very sudden distraction. Mike Agassi's comments shed light on one of the most bizzare tennis matches of all time: after winning the first set 6-1, Agassi lost 1-6 1-6  3-6.

Agassi's father also claimes that Andre 'shanked' his match against Arnaud Clement in the 2nd Round of the 2000 US Open in order to be with his mother who had been diagnosed with cancer. That was another strange one, because it's hard to believe that Clement could beat Agassi in a grand slam in straight sets if Andre was trying as hard as possible.

Something I forgot to add was that he also said that whenever Andre loses early on in a grand slam, there is usually a good reason for it.

lol, that is pretty interesting.  I am not sure how to soak that all in.  One part of me wants to believe it, the other part of me wants to think it is an excuse book.

How is the book overall though?

The book contains lots of interesting stuff:

- Mike Agassi says that his son would have won more slams had he adopted the serve volley style he advocated, but that Nick Bolletieri destroyed his plans by making Agassi camp out at the baseline in the style of other Bolletierri players like Courier, Chang and Seles.

- He often quarreled with Brad Gilbert saying that Gilbert did not want to improve Andre's serve. Mike says that Andre's serve could have been improved by changing to a smaller racket size which would have moved through the air quicker. On this point, I think I'm with Gilbert and Andre cause they know best.

-Mike Agassi makes lots of interesting points about how difficult it was, as an Iranian, to try and bring his kids through USTA tournmants. He says he faced some discriination because of his race, and even claims that his children were the victims of sabotage e.g. stolen rackets.

Although Mike Agassi does seem to have a bit of a warped perspective on things, you have to admire some of the things he said about his son. Mike says that he would not have been ashamed had Andre retired at the age of 27 when his rankng slipped to 141 because he'd already achieved more than what he had hoped for his son.

He was full of admiration for the way Andre played challengers to claw his way back up the rankings, saying a lesser man would simply have retired.

He says that he doesn't expect Andre to retire anytime soon.

Although he's had some troubled relations with his son, they are reconciled now and I did not detect a tone of bitterness in his book.

Interesting, is it a long book?  I should get my hands on it.


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