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First Big Upset

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Moya went down in four sets against spaniard Guillermo Garcia Lopez (watched him at SF in Chennai) excellent all court player (not the typical clay court player that spain have been producing)
Who else do you think will be next? Coria maybe (has a tough stop against Berdych)

MC ill Logic:
Yeah, Coria losing to Berdych wouldn't be a huge shocker.  Maybe Wayne Arthurs over Chela.  Labadze is pretty dangerous, but Roddick should win that one.

Iīm not sure about Chela, he finds himself comfortable with serve and volley players (Donīt know if you remember, he took the Great Sampras to 5 setters to years in a row in Melbourne when Chela was 19 and 20 years old)
On the other hand Kusnetzova positive for doping (ephedrin) in an exhibition in Belgium last year.

Busted!  Can't wait to see them make way to big of deal of something that is found in cold medicine!

Even before this result I expected Moya to go on the slide in 2005 because he has stayed in the top 10 the last couple of years without making any real impact e.g. winning another grand slam.  Does anyone else think that he has a chance to win another? I mean, it's difficult to see him winning one on hardcourts and Wimbledon is obviously out of the question adn there are better clay court players around these days e.g. Coria, Ferrero (if fit).


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