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Agassi vs Federer

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I know it's way to early to talk about this possible match up.  However, it is the most anticipated match up at the AusOpen this year.  Agassi always provides classics when he comes up against the big guns.

Can Andre, the all time great AusOpen player, beat Federer even though Federer is hot?  I am looking forward to this matchup, and even though like the rest of the world I picked Fed to win the tournament, I think Andre can take Fed at the AusOpen if he is 100%...

What round would Agassi and Federer meet if he advanced enough?

I think he can keep it close, if he does, I would say it is anyones ball game.  If Fed jumps ahead, I would say it is lights out for AA.

Quarterfinals I believe, Gary.

They were the second and third matches of day 1 on Rod Laver Arena.


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