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is it necessary?


gary: friend is wondering which ball picker to buy.but i think it might not be neccessary to have it for personal use.

can i know generally who are the buyers for these tools for picking up balls?club or the consumer himself?

the roller or the mower is more effective?or any other options?

Clubs and individuals both buy these things, I would love to have one, then I would like to have a court in my backyard to use it every day.  :)

As far as options and what is best, I am clueless. is a good place to start.

maranatha tennis:
The roller one made by Gamma breaks too aften. I use the stand up ones and the smaller ones that are tubes. I have small ones that pick up 9, one that does 18 and the stand up models which hold 100 that I use in classes. I use the tubes with the kids mostly. But do not buy the roller one. The really big one that holds 100-150 and rolls also spinning the balls into a large basket are really cool also but not practical for me since I have to haul all this equipment to the court.


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