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I will go ahead and start things off in here.

I played yet another 4.5 USTA league match last night.  I went into the match with a 4-3 record so far this season.  A loss puts me at 50/50 which I obviously wanted to avoid.  I was encouraged (to say the least) when I found out that Jeffro was my doubles partner last night.  Both Jeff and I served really well.  I volleyed well, Jeff will say he did not volley well, but I would disagree.  I returned well, I got paoched a handful of times and hit winners down the line off of the backhand side.  But I guess that was neutralized by the ones I missed outwide, not hard ones either, they were bad misses.

We both only got broke once last night and it was when we were both serving for the first set.   We should of won the first set 6-3, but ended up going to a tie-breaker.  We tore it up in the tie-breaker.  It was a 9 point tie-breaker, we won 5-0.

We tore it up proper in the second set.  I was down break points on my serve serving at 4-2 and held on.  I had to hit some tough shots to do it, but it paid off.  We won the second set 6-3.  I do not think I have ever won 50% of my matches in one season at 4.5.  I feel like I am playing well.  I have won some nice matches this season, and the ones I have lost have been very close.

Your stories make my mouth water for some doubles. I really wanna get out there and start playing some competitive doubles but the field is so weak for doubles ni the juniors.

Sounds like things are improving tho, Scotty.

If the doubles are weak, find yourself a doubles partner and get into some qualifying tournaments and get qualify for some bigger tournaments.  I really enjoyed playing in the doubles tournaments last year or two.  Jeffro and I played in some 2 years ago.  We played in one last year and got mopped up hard core, the dude played out of his mind, Jeffro and I could only laugh.  I hope to play in some doubles tournaments this summer along with the USTA matches.

If I have to play another doubles match, I'm gonna stab myself in the eye with a powerdrill...

so scott, when am I gonna see u on the pro circuit?


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