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6 days in a row!
Sounds like you're back to full speed/strength.
That's great news. ://

Am not sure how you do it since I'm out of gas by the time I get home.
Usually sleeping in me chair by 7:30 pm.

Hope you have a great day of Thanks with your family.


--- Quote from: Tennis4you on November 22, 2012, 08:30:50 AM ---Time for a day of rest, from tennis that is. 

I have played 6 days in a row and I am exhausted.  It took a set last night to get my legs under me.  I must have hit about 10 lobs that were as bad as they get just in the first set, made my opponents looks like Roddick hitting overheads.  Good news is we took the last two sets so it's a win.

I am 7-0 this season in the 4.5 USTA leagues.  Some tight matches, some push over matches.  Never started the season so well.  Played two solid 4.5 players Sunday with OSU, I think they were 5-1 this season.  We smoked them 2 & 2.  OSU played well and I played well too.  We were focused and pumped to play them.  All in all playing very well this winter.  Have some foot problems that the orthodics are keeping at bay enough to play tennis so that is all that counts.  :)

Happy turkey day!!!

--- End quote ---

Good to know that you are back on the courts in such fine shape. I actually played 5 days this last week but at nothing like that intensity  ..-) . Over the last few months, however, I've also been working on the top-spin lob which can cause much distress  :shakey: when done well at the right moment.

No tennis today, though  :crying: . Everyone is otherwise occupied.

Have more or less decided not to go to Cincy next year as I may need to get some surgery done at about that time. Last year was a bit disappointing, especially the final,  but I am tempted to send in the deposit, just in case things are better than expected health-wise.

Hmmm, surgery is no fun, wishing you well and hoping it is minor and you heal up proper!

Played today, my legs are fried, and I do not think i ran more than normal, and I had two days rest.  I have been eating a ton of out to eat food, need to stop that.  I am at max weight again.  At good today but the night time has not yet come, this is usually my biggest problem.  :)

Been a while since an update.

I am still overweight but playing good tennis.  Still moving well, staying focused, staying positive and racking in a lot of wins.  Still, I could move better if I shed a little weight. 

Have to play Jamesdster tonight in dubs.  It.  Is.  On!

USTA tonight.  OSU and I won our first USTA match to start off the season right last week.  His shoulder is hurting him something fierce so he had to serve underhand.  Interesting match, but luckily we were on the bottom court and played (2) 4.0 players so we still easily took case of business. 


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