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Federer and Doubles

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ANyone ever see Federer play any doubles?  I wonder how he would do in competition doubles against the best players...  I would love to see him try.  I assume he will be like Sampras and never try.

He played doubles in Davis Cup. That's how Swiss won their matches, Fed would win 2 singles and a double. So he can't be that bad.

I would love to see him play the Bryon Brothers.  :)

MC ill Logic:
I saw him play doubles in Davis Cup.  This was about two years ago.  It was before he became GREAT GREAT, but he single-handedly destroyed the USA squad.  In doubles he clearly dominated the court, and could end points seemingly at will.  I'd imagine it would be no different today.

Even though he doesn't play it really, he's probably by far the greatest doubles player in the world.   :)


--- Quote from: "Tennis4you" ---I would love to see him play the Bryon Brothers.  :)
--- End quote ---

Phrase of the day, Scott?  BTW its Bryan, not Bryon... :whistle:

He won DC with that huge-serving guy, forget his name, Marc something.


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