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Well, yesteday i played my best friend and lost 4,1 (it got dark)

anyway, i was happy with how i served, i hit a few good aces, but i could not hit a backhand to save my life! they kept popping up, and it was really annoying, but, my forehands werent bad, but i was mad about my inability to hit a winner, and the only shot i was hitting really well were the drop shots

so over all, i wasnt happy with how i played at all

Dark conditions suck.  Wind is something you can deal with, but not being able to see the ball is just plain tough.  

You said you were not happy with not being able to hit a winner.  Were you missing deep, wide, into the net, or was your opponent just running everything down?

As for your backhand, if I struggle with a shot I try to stick to the basics and try not to hit anything fancy until I feel like I have better control of the shot.

i kept hitting them into the net


Keep your eye on that ball.  If you lift your head up the face of the racquet usually goes up with it, trust me, I know this all too well.  But if can cause you to net a lot of shots.  So can getting on your back foot, something else I know a lot of unfortunetly...  Get under that ball, hit some good topspin and keep that weight moving forward if you can.  (If my league mates read that they will laugh at me, I have some bad habits in that category)

I agree with Scott. My main thing when I'm hitting out is pulling my head up out of my shots. Remember to stay planted (don't jump when you hit, I do that sometimes too) and keep your head down until the shot is completely over. It'll do wonders for shots that go long.


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