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I am a fairly new tennis player.   I have been playing for just about 1 year now. At the risk of boring you all I am going to give an update on my tennis to date. Then I can update you more regularly.

In my first competitive season I played T2 Tennis. It is a season of 5 matches and you have 1 partner. You can schedule the matches whenever you would like. We played at the 2.5- level and won all but 1 of our matches. We advanced to the City Finals and were scheduled to play the one team that beat us in division play but I could not make the League scheduled Championship match and our opponent would not allow it to be rescheduled.

My second season was on an ALTA team. 16 players joined and we entered the league at the lowest level C8. Many of the players on this team were BRAND NEW players and we did OK in the season. We won 12 of 30 possible points but learned an awful lot.

My 3rd season was another T2 Tennis season at the 2.5 level and me and my partner won all 5 matches with an 87% game win record.    I could not work out my schedule to OPT IN to the City Playoffs so that is were we ended. We are now forced to play at 3.0

I am currently in my 2nd ALTA season and my team is playing the C8 level again. We are currently in second place in our division and have won 14 of 20 possible points. Our last match was against the #1 team. We only took 2 points from them so they currently have a 2 point lead on us. The really great news about this season is my in my game. I have only lost serve 1 time this season. Unfortunately it was at a critical time in the match and we ended up losing that match.    

This weekend we play another tough opponent and I think that they are in 3rd right now. We had a rain out Saturday and some of the teams are still making the matches up. I think that our team has a great chance of placing 2nd in the division and advancing to the City Playoffs. The best news is that we should also move up a level or 2 as a result of our record right now.

I will also play USTA tennis this summer. I am currently organizing a team to play at the 3.0 level.
I will keep you all posted on the results as they are in.

The USTA leagues rock.  What format do they make you play down there?  In the summer we are 3 courts of doubles and 1 court of singles.  In the winter we are 3 coulrts of doubles and 2 courts of singles.

It is good that you got bumped up to 3.0.  The better competition will only make you better.  Start scouting the 3.5's now. : )

Wow, I really like the type of competition you were getting to play in. I really wish I could find a really competitive league with  juniors around my city but it seems like t hey're nonexistant. All the good players either go to a clinic every week or just play a ton of tournaments. if you wanna get some good playing in, that's really the only way. But I like to hear you're getting in a lot of competitive tennis.

Good luck moving up the ranks :)

Our match this weekend just got more interesting. Our opponent for this weekend swept their opponents from last weekend and they are now in second by 1 point. We are going to need at least 3 to be tied but I really would like for us to take all 5 lines.

My partner and I are playing Line 1 and we have not lost a match together in 13 attempts. Actually we have not lost a set in 26. If we do not take care of business this weekend I cannot see how we will make it to the playoffs but there will be hope. So we are just going to have to do it.

We do have strong lines all the way down to 5 and I think that we should do well. Last week we played the #1 team and each of the 3 points that we lost were in 3rd sets. I think that shows that we are very competitive. The #1 team said that has not trouble with this team so we should do well.

I have been getting ready by serving about an hour day the last 3 days and 1 practice session on Wednesday night. I have noticed something on my serve that I like but I am getting sore in my lower back. I am not sure how to describe what I am doing but let me just say that it is adding velocity to my flat serve and a little control. I hit about 70% with in 1 foot of my target last night. My personal goal for the match is to hold serve every time. I would like to end the season with only one lost serve.

How old are you MoDaisy?(you don't need to say if you don't want) and how often do you play now? You seem to be really improving and on an upward rise from what I've read from you in this section.


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