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I just have to vent..played a game today and gosh darn if the girl I was playing didn't return 80% of my shots as a lob.  Lob queen..ticks me overhead is not terrific (which I am assuming is why she lobbed them all) my forehand and backhand are great.   really screwed up my tennis elbow, can hardly move it now adn I think I have to play her tomorrow as well.  Need to concentrate on lobbing them back instead of trying to slam it at her.  grrrrrr :head-smack:


Glad you stopped by.  I feel your pain, many do.  Lob Queens can be  tough for players 4.0 and below.  There are actually a good number of articles about playing pushers on, here are some links.  I hope you smoke her tomorrow.  Bring her to net, is she comfortable there?  Then lob her.  :)

I hope some of those help.  You need to be sure to bring your patience when you play those types of players.  And lobbing back is not always the best plan, she is good at it and that is how she plays, you are not used to it so my guess is she will be more consistant at it than you.  :(

Let us know how it goes!

maranatha tennis:
I hate that also. I had a couple of teams in ATA and one was a mixed 4.5-5.0 league and I needed a women player to fill in for one match on three court. So I asked this women pro I knew and had worked for briefly. I was paid to hit with the visitors to the resort who were men and 4.5 and up. So I asked to to fill in and during warm up I noticed she hit alot of lobs, and asked her about it and she said, "that's my shot". So we start play and s**t hit a lob nearly every shot. I was embarresed and finally said something like, "hit the ball". She had a fit and said, " I don't have to take this" and stormed off the court. I was stunned. The other team couldn't believe it. But it was embarrassing and I didn't want to play like that especially against people I know.

And this was a teaching pro.

How can you teach others to elevate their game when you can't even raise your own game past this level. I still bought and sold racquets and did other stuff like demo days and free for all's with her but never tried to hit again.

Have you seen pros like this? Too many here in phoenix. I know 3.5 men who teach. Crazy.


I took the course from USPTA to become a Coach, itīs a JOKE (specially the introductory level), Itīs only a day long. (It happened to me being in the same class than people that barely could hold a racket properly, thatīs how you find 3.5 that are certified pros)
I believe they are doing this in order to make tennis more popular.
Countries like Spain, Argentina, France, England you have to attend classes, clinincs, it takes at form 8 to 12 months.
It may make more people to be interested in the game, but in the long term probably will make more harm than good.

maranatha tennis:
I am USPTA and I was tested for 2 days and it was tough. The course you took was either developmental coach or the former instructor course, maybe? But I wanted to be certified at P1 and that required 80% and up for all sections of the testing you get a 79% on any of the courses and you stay at P2. I did especially well on the last test which was hitting, easy that part.

I am not defending the USPTA, because even though I am a member I am not a big fan of them or the USPTR, their tests are even easier! And there is even one more organization (can't remember who) that is completely by mail or online. They never even get to see if you can hit. So essentially it is all open book for that one.

One of my biggest gripes is those instructors who can't play a lick. Just me. They make it hard for good instructor to find good work because they are often happy to be working at $10 an hour. Sucks.

But one more point concerning all this. I have also seen players who were great players who were REALLY lousy instructors. Go figure.



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