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some general info about me:

Location: Tennessee

Age: 18

Height: 5'6"

Weight: a good woman never tells

Hand: Right

backhand:  depends on my mood; most of the time one-handed

strength: Power, aim/placement, forehand, endurance

weaknes: consistent service

favorite stroke: any and all passing shots

i'm more comfortable behind the baseline, but i can play well at the net if i need to.

i try to play everyday.  my school has great paddleball courts that no one ever uses, so i go there all the days that i'm unable to find someone else to play with me.  The paddleball courts are great for practicing and building up endurance, because the walls can always return the balls to you, and theres a line on the wall that is a close indication of where the net would be.

during the summer i usually go see my instructor 3 times per week, and play all other days.

my backhand used to be my big weapon, but when i got a new instructor, he saw a lot of potential in my forehand, and we've worked a lot to develop it, and its definitely become my biggest strength.  

time to go to class, i'll post more later!  i'd love responses!


--- Quote from: "suzy4hand" ---some general info about me:

Weight: a good woman never tells

weaknes: consistent service

--- End quote ---


anyway, about the serve, just go out to an empty (stress on empty, i have gotten laughed at) and take out a hopper full of balls and work on your second serve, boring but very very helpful

and about the part where i got laughed at, i challenged these two people (adults) to a set, won (6-2)

I agree with Phoenix on the second serve practice. My new coach has me working on nothing but my second serve. It is a spin serve and it is gaining some power. I am suppose to use nothing but the second serve for 3 months. He wants me to be 100% confident in the second serve and then we will work in my first serve.

my problem doesn't seem to be with my second serve, it's like i either hit an amazing ace or i serve it way outside the service box.
i've recently abbreviated my backswing and it's helped to control my serve, but i still seem to have the same problems.

ok, but my advice still stays the same, go to a court and stay there until you are satisfied with your serve, i have recently developed much better control becuase i go out to the court and hit 2~3 hoppers full of balls


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