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John Mcenroe:
Update: I was playing in the tournament and I was up 6-0 4-0 and I was serving and I was on a roll. Then at 40-0 I perfectly in serve and the kid calls it out. And I for some stupid reason I burst in anger and I start telling the kid it was in and then the kid calls the ump and I get EJECTED.....


Please comment and see how you guys think..


basic info:

Age: 13 I know I know Im still pretty young...

Height: 5'5

Weight: 130

Hand: right

backhand: two-handed

strength: defense, speed, power

weaknes: when I play against pushers/short returners they are so annoying..... I always miss the shot.

level: dont know

signature winning shot: blasting a forhand winner down the line.

favorite stroke: forehand

style: aggressive baseliner

serve resemblace: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  I dont really know...

doubles/singles specialist: singles
 :lmao:  :whistle:


You must have some serious potential to be ranked so high.  Keep working hard and continue on up the ladder.

John Mcenroe:
Yep I will.  Thanks James

John Mcenroe:
I got a tournament in 2 weeks what shou I do?? :(

Im styruggling right now..

Whats should I do??? ://

what are you ranked... and im 14 and yo sound like you play exactly like me ... lol it would be quite the match.... i can feel it


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