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Random Thought- Useful Stat?

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I was just wondering what you thought of this idea:

Instead of showing the break point conversions during matches as the number of break pts converted / total # of break points, isn't it more useful to show "total number of games broken" / "Total games with a break point"? Does it really matter whether a person converted 3 break points out of 16, if those 16 points all came in the 3 games that the person broke in? Analysts would say that the player wasted their opportunities, but they took advantage by breaking in every game they had chances in.

Am I making any sense? :))

I am going to send this to Jon Wertheim's mailbag and see if I actually make it for the 1st time, hehe...

That's a good point.  It really doesn't matter if a player has 30 break chances, as long as he or she wins the match...

I am not sure.  Showing us the "3/16" shows us how many times someone has broken the opponent and how many chances they have had to break.  I think it is probably the right info to show.

It shows us how well someone is serving and backing it up on the break point against them.

MC ill Logic:
I think the way it is now is better, but I wouldn't mind them showing, like you said, the number of games in which they had break chances.  Good suggestion.

[gloat]Dude, I've been on Mailbag 3 or 4 times.   ;)  [/gloat]

hee, u rock


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