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Tim Henman is a loser

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Haha. Loses to Nikolay Davydenko. What a loser this Henman guy is. Where are all the Henman supporters now huh? He's a natural born choker, why don't you Henman fans cheer for a real athlete like Safin. Henman will never win a Grand Slam ever.

hee, wb DK  :)

Unfortunetly, neither will you ...


I am not sure when it has changed for me, but I used to dispise Henman.  I guess I am starting to feel a little sorry for him.  He is nearing the end of his career and has yet to win a major.  Before I couldn't stand him, now I guess, well, I am not sure what I am saying.  It is almost like a Goran thing, if he won Wimbledon I guess I would be happy for him.

The world would come to an end if Henman finally won Wimbldeon.


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