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Lesbian love?

Kuznetsova fits the BUTCH description.... :angle-not:

Thanks for posting this so quickly.  This place is amazingly sophmoric, maybe because there's just not too much you can talk about in tennis, so you have to post pictures and make make comments about people's appearances.  I've liked the rest of the site, but Scott, you're presiding over my junior high school and I grew up a long time ago.

Now, can someone point me the way to a board that just talks about tennis?

MC ill Logic:

We've all grown up.   Adults can be silly, too.  Growing up also means learning to not take everything, especially oneself, so seriously.

MC ill Logic:
This isn't in direct response to Val, but just in general...

To me, talking about tennis totally permits talking about how the players look (Hantchukova is anorexic?... Serena's new outfit... Agassi is looking THIN!... Roddick stopped wearing a visor?... Nadal's shorts...), the things they say, gossip, and talking smack.  

Likewise, if I were at an NBA board, I doubt people would flame me for talking about Kobe's rape trial... or Shaq's 50,000 square feet house on Cribs... or Sam Cassal being the ugliest human on the planet... or how the WNBA sucks... etc.

We ARE talking about tennis.  And like all message boards, the people who like the place will stay and the others are more than welcome to find a place more to their liking.  The internet has something for everybody.  It's really pointless to stay in one place and complain.


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