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Sharapova-Ferrero connection?

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Sounds kinda weird.  They did play some mixed doubles in a Hong Kong exhibition.  Maria is attractive and all but Juan did have a really hot girlfriend.

Can you copy paste the article here?  It wanted me to sign up, too lazy right now. : )

One of the commentators made mention of Maria & Juan being spotted out to eat together. Suspicious? I think so...

MC ill Logic:
Brad made a joke about it.  I can't believe it.  Oh well, I'm more jealous of Enrique.  

I only saw a few seconds of the Ferrero, Coria match, and I was quickly reminded of just how nasty Juan's groundstrokes are.  I hope he comes back quickly because with him in the mix the French is a lot more interesting.

Here's the portion of the article:

--- Quote --- By the third set, Sharapova was using bags of ice under her arms at the change of ends to cool down, an unexpected twist given it is usually her admirers that require cold showers. Inevitably Sharapova got through, accompanying her 4-6, 6-0, 6-3 victory with a cry of "Vamos Vamos". In the commentary box, Martina Navratilova linked this very un-Russian exhortation to the courtside presence of Spain's Juan Carlos Ferrero.

Has a cross-tour relationship to succeed the doomed Hewitt-Clijsters love match been formed? See the magazines at the end of the frozen food aisle for details. However, if Navratilova's rumour-mongering is true, Ferrero is warned to be on his best behaviour.

--- Quote ---
--- End quote ---

If Ferrero can make a comeback, he'll continue to be a threat on all surfaces.
--- End quote ---


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