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Tennis4you Stats for January, 23 days worth:
KBytes:    2507664
Visits:      18608
Pages:     70436
Files:       332767
Hits:        554646

554,646 pages viewed total.  Dang.  That is a lot more than I thought.  I browsed through some of the linsk that direct people to Tennis4you.  Kinda crazy, I didn't know some of those sites even existing.  Tennis sites, sprts sites, etc.  I usually have a good beat on the other tennis sites, so I thought.  I am anxious to see what it is by the end of January.  It is a slam month so stats are a little higher, but last month in the same amount fo time very VERY VERY close to this, maybe 10,000 hits less, something like 553,245.

MC ill Logic:
I would love for a pro to start posting here, anonymously or whatever.  Maybe I'll try to find some addresses on the web and send out invitations???

feel free to invite as many people as you like, pro or non pro.  I post at other forums here and there and always leave my signature with this forum address in it.  Really it is my only reason for posting elsewhere.  Shame on me I know.

You got a great site... a re-design wouldn't hurt, but other than that, one of the best!


Thx.  I wish I had the time to do some redesign and give it a fresh look.  I am one busy dude!  I mean come on, I have to get my 20 posts in per day.  :)


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