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New Agassi Racquet?

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Agassi is not playing with the Liquidmetal Radical.....its some new Racquet that head hasnt released to the public yet. Anyone got any info on this?

None yet from me. I've definitely been searching for something on it tho...came up empty.

He & Venus' racquet are interesting as no one really knows what they are.

Flexpoint Radical, new line coming out this summer.  Ferrero is using a paintjob of the Flexpoint Prestige.

Damn i love the fact that I'm the one with all the new scoops.

lol, u are the king!   :worthy:

From what Ive heard. Agassi has been playing with the same racket for the past 7 or 8 years.
Just paintjobs, same as Safin, he is still playing with the Great Head Prestige Classic.


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