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Chela fined for spitting at Hewitt



Lol..even though Hewitt has more muscle, looks like chela would flatten Hewitt.

He was fined more than anyoen else at the AO so far this year.

I don't blame Chela for being upset.  Hewitt's very irritating use of "CMON" is bad enough, but to use it after an opponet's unforced error is uncalled for.  But you DO NOT spit...AT ANY ONE!!

If the "come on's" bother you I will make sure to use it in excess next time we play!  I need an advantage!

I can see why they *might* bother some players if they were yelled after an opponent's unforced error.  I had someone do that to me when I double faulted in the finals fo a dubs tournament this summer.  I thought it was pretty classless.

But would you rather that or Sharapova scream her head off every time she hits the ball?  I woudl rather hear a few "come ons".  :)

But yeah, the splitting is rediculous, I am glad they fined him for that!


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