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TV Schedule tonight

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Anyone know what time Nadal and Hewitt face off tonight?

Espn ain't showing that match until tomorrow morning.  Know why?  Cause by 9 central/10 eastern, ESPN2 will be showing 3 straight hours of motorcycle racing.  Gotta love that network.

No way.   OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH that pisses me off.  

Potentially the best match of the tournament that they are going to show motorcycle racing!?!?!? :ranting:

That's ESPN for you...bleh, utterly pathetic. We should start a petition and down them.

The problem is you never know when the best matches are going to be played.  You don't know whether to have tennis first for other sports firtst.  At least for Sunday night US time they did have complete matches with Roddick and Davenport.  They were short enough for it in just over three hours.  The other match that everyone thought would be good and wanted to see because they thought it would be more competive does not involve Americans.


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