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Basic Info:

Age: 16 year old male

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 8 stone

Hand: Right

Backhand: Two-handed, and one-handed open stance

Strengths: Speed, backhand, forehand, Speed. I'm also Very good at the net.

Weaknesses: Lob/ dropshot.  2ND SERVE

Best/favourite Stroke: forehand.

Needs to work on: Just my lob and drop shots. And also I need to stop hitting balls into the net.

I basically copied the whole format of "SerenaSlams" post. I hope that's ok?

perfectly fine.  I am glad to see you started a Journal.  You shoulc copy your last post in here from the state of your game thread.  :)

I've decided to play tennis again because, to be totally honest,  I just really want to and my studies are over.

So I played my first match since April (??)

Anyway, I lost 6-3 6-3.

I didn't take this loss seriously. I just need to get back into the swing of things with my forehand and bakchand.  [sorry for the pun].

I did however, manage to save five match points. The guy on the other side of the net started to choke, which is extrneley hard to watch, I might add.  He managed to close it out in the end [when I dumped a bakchand into the net].

Anyway, everythings cool, so I'm happy.

I won this match.

Gosh, I havent played in ages.

Anyway the score was 7-6(11) 6-0.

I'm still not happy with my game.

My serve was rubbish today.

It looks like you broke his spirit in the tie break. If a rubbish serve gets you a 6-0 set then I will take rubbish. I am ready to see you post some scores when you are happy with your game.

Great job.


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