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Agassi Federer LIVE??? I'm serious

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Ok, I was watching ESPN, and I could've sworn the bottom ticker running said that there was coverage at 3;30 am (fed vs agassi) and also at 2 tomorrow. but was this 3;30 a joke? I'm being serious here...

Gary, where are you?

I saw that too Scott. I had already set my alarm so I could awke up for that match :)

Sweet news!  3:30 eh?

I remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back before I worked at home (OK OK, last year) I would wake up at 6:00 and grab breakfast before my mornign commute and matches will still be going on.  They would be wrapping up of coarse, but they were still on EPSN.  I guess that is AO's version of an evening match.  HEY, where is Gary!?!?!?!

ESPN has added a live broadcast at 3:30 AM EST before if interest is high but that was before the Spanish Language service started which which now has those wee hours matches live.  If you get an Aggassi vs. Roddick match that may also be added at 3:30 AM EST.  I think they would not meed until the finals but it might also be the semifinals.   Of course if TSN has them live in Canada they might be more intereste in Newfoudnlans since it would not arrive there until 5:00 AM.  Then in the USA Hawaii might have more of an interest since they would start at 10:30 PM but that could still be a rather late stay up.  A live showing is better even if you want to record it while you sleep because you know it will not be edited to fit into a three hour time slot so you can tell who is going to win if the time if about up.  It would not likely go over three hours unless it goes four or more liklely sets.  I have seen five set matches end in less that three hours however.

The TV expert has spoken.   ://

I am not sure how you know all that, but good info none the less!  THX!!!


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