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No play on Vodafone for rest of tournament.

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It seems as if there will be no play on Vodafone for the rest of the tournament when you look at the schedule.  It looks like this will be reserved for possible rain for all the doubles, juniours, and seniors that are playing on the non covered courts.

Someone hit me with what the Votafone is again...

Once again, it's Vodafone, not Votafone. Get it right, people.

Scott, it's the second show court in Melbourne after Rod Laver Arena.

lol you beat me to it DirtyKash. I was cringing everytime I saw the T in place of the D in Vodafone :) Its all good tho...

I checked the AO website and it is Vodafone.  I edited my original post and corrected to Vodafone.


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