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After watching the Serena and Mauresmo match I have some thoughts and questions..

They said that the heat index was pushing the limit to where they close the roof, but that they wouldn't because the match had already started.   I know it makes the matches longer, but why not allow an extension to the 20 seconds they get bewteen points, 25?  30?

JJ smacked 51 aces the other day, what is the record for a female, anyone know?

They mentioned that the AO used to be the last major of the year and not the first.  Anyone know when they switched and why?

Dang Serena moves well on the court.

I too have a question...why was Serena playing in her underpants?


The AO used to be held in December, but then it moved to January in 1987 (meaning there was no 1986 AO). That's all I know.

Since I am not living in Australia, did they do it for weather reasons?  To give the players an off season?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

I bet Gary will know...


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