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Who's serve do you think you could return?

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I made a comment in a previous post about someone trying to return Roddick's serve and it got me to thinking.

If Roddick, Federer or Safin was serving to you, how many serves do you think you could get back out of 100 FIRST serves?

One I would be scared crapless just standing there.  I would need an adult diaper the first time they hit that serve.  I would be praying they were not going for an "at your body serve".

Now before you type in a number of service returns, ALL you would have to do is get the ball back, it does not have to be pretty.

I say I would get back about 5...  1/2 of which would probably go off of my frame and happen to land into the court...

What about you?

MC ill Logic:
I could probably get one back into play sooner or later.  Roddick's second serve would be tough.  Those guy can place their second serves on a dime but Federer's can't be going faster than 110, so if I choose the right side it wouldn't be THAT much tougher thant the first serves I'm used to facing.

I figured of anyone here you could get the most back since you are used to some of those speeds.  It would be the spin that would throw me for a HUGE loop.  I would never be able to tell where the spini sgoing to take some of those balls.  Those guys hit with mad spinz!

i play wit ha guy who gets about 125 on his serves.  we got ahold of a radar gun and timeed both of ours.  thing is about his first serve, if you can guss where he is going to go, and he gives it away quite a bit, the way he drops his forarm and elbow when he goes down the T, you can get get your strings on the ball.  its got a lot of kick on his second also, and if i just stand there, he can kick it at 90mph up to my eyes, and im 6 foot tall.  on his second serves, i get myself moving forward, and i get abovce the ball before it jumps too high, this way you hit wiyth soem power, and you dont need to swing hard.  i imagine its similar for pros, with the exception of roddick and a few others who are just scary as hell.  If you guess right and learn from a few give aways they might let out, you can get to the ball.  if you shorten up your swing and make sure the racquet face is pointed towards the other side of the court, you should be able to get soem returns back, quite a few with good depth adn pace.  to answer the question, if i went up against a serve like roddicks, i doubt if icould do much better than scott or anyone else. but against more reaslistic players that we encounter in matches, try to use the ideas i presented, espcially trying to look for hints on the direction/spin of serves, and you will be better off.

The spin they use (meaning the pros) is just insnae compared to what we are used to.  I would love to try though.  Hey, Maybe some pro will read this thread and give me a chance!  HA!


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