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Sharapova regularly starting slowly, potential problem?


Maria seems to be starting slowly in her matches.   I confess I am cheering for her but that worries me going into her semi with Serena.   I dont think she can afford a slow start there, or she might not recover like she did her other matches.   Serena is a terrific frontrunner, Maria be wary and dont start so sluggishly again.    ://

That is weird that she is doing that.  To win this slam she will need to turn that around from here on out.

It is interesting the scoreline of the last two sets of the Sharapova and Kuznetsova was the same as the Serena and Mauresmo, but it was deceiving.   Even the last two sets of the all-Russian quarter were very competitively played I thought, Kuznetsova was still playing very well but Sharapova was coming up with great offensive shots on defense to swing the balance in her favor.   On the other hand Serena was never threatened by Mauresmo at any point.   I wish Mauresmo had played better, so we would have a better idea how Serena is playing, I am sure Serena would have won regardless how well Mauresmo played in hindsight, but it is hard to access how she is playing based on that match.
I also wish I had seen the Serena-Petrova match, was it a 3-setter due to Petrova playing so well or Serena's recent tendancy to some erratic play returning?  

       In any case I dont think she will come back to win if she gets off to a slow start against a player of Serena's caliber.    In the year-end Championships, she lost the first set, but I wouldnt say it was "a slow start", it is not as though she was sluggish like she has been in the 1st sets I have seen her here; overhitting, lack of intensity, moving sluggishly, then getting it together in the next two.

I agreee.  I wish Mauresmo would of put up a better fight too just to see how well Serena is playing.  Sernea will be pretty fresh going into this match, but I am sure Sharapova is not tired at all either.  I still think the winner of this tourament will come out of this match.

I just thought it was interesting that Maria has lost the first set in three of her five matches. Against Kuznetsova, I wasn't surprised, but IMO she should have had much less difficulty defeating Silvia Farina Elia and Lindsay Lee-Waters in straight sets. But I'm sure Maria knows she needs to step it up.


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