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Hi all I am new so I though this would be a good way for you all to get to know me.

Age: 14
Hieght: 5-9
Weight: 8 stone
Hand: Right
Backhand: Two handed (for driving or passing shots) but i use a lot of slice so one hand as well.
Forehand: Strong and I tend to play alot of winners of this.
Strengths: Forehand, first serve, speed, stamina, backhand slice
Weakness: Backhand pass and 2nd serve
Needs to work on: Backhand and serving
Plays: 2-3 times a week (5-9 hours) also plays in a mens doubles team and mixed doubles team for my club.
Coach: Dinal Shah

I am curently in training and will play in the mens club championships soon. Will update on how I do on a later date.

Welcome to the boards.

Welcome to the forum fents!  Good luck in the men's club championships!  Let us know how you do.

Be sure to join us in the General Tennis forum as well.

Group Stages of Mens chapionship
First match: In the first match I lost 2-6 6-2 4-6, but that was to the current champion. It wasm a close match with most games goin to duce. I now only have 2 games. I must win my next two or I am out, nervous times for me. Every game counts as this may well go down to game difference.


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