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Being a left hander who relies soooo much on my serve, it was only natural that I loved Roscoe Tanner.  Does anyone know the status of his legal woes?  Last I heard, he was in jail for failing to pay child support or alimony or something.  Is he out now?  Is his life getting back in order?

Hmmm,  I have not heard.  Now if you go to jail does that mean I do not have to suffer the wrath of your dang lefty serve anymore?  I may have to plant some drugs in your car or something and call the police.

I will do some research on Roscoe.

You darn righthanders are always out to get us! No need to "plant" drugs in my car, all you have to do is look in my tennis bag and it's stuffed full with Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Aleve, and especially TUMS (for those matches after eating lasagna 20 minutes earlier!!!)   ;>)

Out to get you?  I have played you 5 (2 singles and 3 doubles) times and have yet to break that serve.  I would say it is out to get me!

The key to a good serve.........a good ball toss, nice knee bend, explosion up and through the ball, and most important of all...close your eyes and swing as hard as you can.


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