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It looks like Serena and Sharapova will be televised tonight @ 9:30 EST which is sweet which means I can watch it.

Anyone know when the Safin / Federer match is on tonight?

Honestly, I think they should dump the Serena-Sharapova match and show Federer-Safin. Why would anyone want to see 2 girls screaming at each other and compile around 100 errors between them?

lol, I guess they must be on before Fed and Safin.  I am hoping Fed and Safin  play right after Williams and Sharapova so I can see it.  I really do not like the 3:30 AM EST stuff.

Saffin is a night match which starts at 3:30 AM EST on Rod Laver where the women play their semifinals first.  It can't be moved earlier.

The Pro:
The fed will win easy...

I have it on good athority he sold his soul to the devil.   ://


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