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2009 US Open

17 matches in all over four full days! 3R and 4R of men's and women's singles and some dubs.

First up! Tsonga dismantles Nieminen

Here's Azarenka before succumbing to her Eastern bloc meltdown against Schiavone; I know she's from Belarus, but she might as well be from Russia.

Vesnina just got it taken to her by Zvonareva; no contest

Gonzo :tease: is back! Came through versus Ouanna despite his incredibly low % game, but the 26 aces helped. Nice racquet smash after he lost the 2nd set TB, but I didn't have me camera at the ready.

Bab and Veronica--I met her last year in Paris at RG, and we've since hooked up at 2008 and 2009 USO :H

This way from Court 13 to Grandstand.

Dent v Navarro
One of those unlikely matches that produces the most exciting tennis. Dallas and the 12-18 y/o's (kickserve and tennis08 and the rest) here won't appreciate this, but this match featured two Serve and Volleyers. In fact, this Navarro cat is a classic, throwback who S&Vs on every single point. Unless you've actually watched modern S&V--Dallas hasn't, and neither have you spuds--you need to shut your yaps. And sorry, awk, but I'm still trying to figure out Cilic's great tactics. Hit a winner? something like that...

Dallas would have you you believe that the points are serve, volley, point over. But that's because she only watches wooden racquet S&V. Let her explain this: 4hr and 7min. Yep, the longest match of the Open was between two S&Vers.  

5 sets, 5th TB 11-9 to Dent!
Dent 121 winners, 20 aces and 50 UE
Navarro 76 winners, 20 UE

Through the late stages of the 5th set, the place started chanting DENT! DENT! DENT! DENT! To send the match to a TB, he bombed a 144mph ace. You've all probably seen the post match celebration by now, Dent's hi-fiving victory lap. One for the ages, people.

Djokovic gets passed the surprising American Witten. The guy had serious game!

Haas, in complete control of each, finds a way to lose 3 out of 5 sets!  ..-)  Tommy played aggressive, S&Ving and taking the net to put him in position to serve for every set. But at 6-5, he stays back and let's Fernando take the game to him...

Kuznetsova beating the snot out of Peer.

I did it! I watched a set of tennis with a WS on the court. Terrible match. WS def. Chan-Srebotnik handily

Wozniacki easily past Cristea

My seat for Roddick-Isner

Ferrero takes care of an ailing Simon (ret.)

High entertainment value provided by Schiavone. She played points women don't play in today's game, because she can run and run and run some more. But in the end, she was overmatched by Li.

The second most entertaining match of the Open--another unlikely matchup--Del Potro def. Kohlerer in 4! This Kohlerer amazed with his power, consistency, gymnastic dives and showmanship. He brought the broadcast booth to it's feet with the rest of us.

Soderling past an ailing Davydenko (ret)

Two of me All-Time Favorites of ALL TIME! Johnny Mac and Jim Courier

In a roller coaster of a match, Wickmayer gets past Kvitova in 3.

In a highly competitive match, Verdasco def. Isner in 4. I have to say, Isner impressed the hell out of me. Very much the complete player--net and baseline--with a formidable FH. Verdasco was returning serve from here all day. It was truely amazing to watch what Verdasco could do with the return from that position :shocking:

2008 US Open
*The pictures get blury as the sunlight begins to fade, then goes to black. But I decided to include several (Safin and Robredo) since the effect was really cool :cool:

Michael Llodra

Gael Monfils

Fernando Gonzalez

Elena Dementieva

Marat Safin

Tommy Robredo

Andy Murray

Igor Andreev

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Amelie Mauresmo

Dominika Cibulkova--her game is ugly to watch; her body is shaped like a potato, but that face! :drool:  No one compares. No make up, no air-brush. She's wonderful.

Patty Schnyder

2008 US Open Notes:

Celebrating Safin--
Marat played 3 very nice sets against Robredo (2R), taking the first in a tie-break. And in the process, he obliged the crowd. (1) He challenged a ball that was so far out, the crowd started giggling, then erupted in laughter when they showed the challenge; (2) Robredo hit a ball that drove Marat deep into the corner, forcing him to hit a defensive lob. Marat's ensuing lob was very high, but very short. After he struck it, he immediately turned his back to Robredo and went for his towel and started wiping his brow--this all before Tommy struck the ball. What was most remarkable, is that the crowd was fixated on Safin, watching everything he was doing, so by the time Robredo struck the ball, the crowd was roaring in laughter; (3) Late in the 3rd set, Marat finally smashed a racquet. The crowd began to rumble, while Marat was getting a new stick. When he walked back on court, he received a loud ovation. (4) Robredo played a beautifully tactfull game, wearing Marat down. By the time Tommy started enforcing his will over Marat, Safin took his whooping like a man. He had no more answers or antics left in the bag.

Dueces Wild--
I was watching (6) Shahar Peer/Yeti Azerenko play Petrova/Schiavone, and in the 2nd game of the 3rd set, Shahar was serving, and serving, and serving... By the time I caught on--around the 5th duece or so--I counted 7 more dueces! Peer could easily have had a 12-15 duece service game. I had never seen anything like it.

Federer/Djokovic: No thanks--
I had a single Arthur Ashe ticket the day Federer was followed by Djokovic. I was in Armstrong and the first three matches were Gonzalez, Dementieva and Kuznetsova. Singles, like myself, are everywhere and easy to find, so I started offering others my single to Ashe (I didn't even tell them I would sell it to them). Interestingly enough, no takers, not even for Federer and Djokovic. That should speak volumes about the sight views in Ashe.

Go figure, I found another Fedfan who can't watch Roger live--
I was sitting next to this lovely :lust: Fedfan during Almagro-Muller; Almagro was up 2-0 when Federer took the court against Stepanek. I asked her, "Aren't you going to leave?" She said, "I don't like to watch Roger live, so I'll finish this match then make my way over there." At that point, I started telling her that she's such a typical Federer Fan. She admitted that she still hasn't watched the Wimbledon final. By the time Muller finished off Almagro in 5, Federer's match had long ended. She never made it.

Bammer bashes Bartoli--
After beating Bartoli, Mal Washington asked Bammer if she was distracted by all what was happening with Marion: medical time out, injury time out, flopping from exhaustion, and on and on. Bammer responds, "No, I've played Marion before. She always pulls that." The place went crazy with laughter.

You goofs are but a handful of posters, but guys like Michael Llodra win over stadiums. People around me had no idea who he was, but fell in love with his attacking game. He won over the crowd and put a ton of pressure on Murray's serve chipping and charging. Murray was fortunate to survive. Llodra had his chances. Late in the Bartoli-Bammer match, a spectator yelled out, "Someone go to the net!" The place went crazy.

124 mph--
That was the top speed Ana-Lena Groenefeld clocked with her first serve.

The First Sunday--
Is the last full day on the outer courts. If you are like me, and don't like Ashe, don't go after the first Sunday. I'd even shut it off after Saturday.

2008 Roland Garros's Roland Garros Debut!

Bravo Bolelli !!!!!

Paint it up! Always take something home with you   ;-()

Buenos Aries, Roland Garros


Best Body in tennis from the best seat in the world  :gleam:

Battle of the Message Boards: v  Seriously!!!  

Almagro has one of the best on court personalities. He argues bad calls then laughs them off. Once made the chair and the crowd burst out laughing.  :H

2007 US Open Babblelogue

First off, let me say that the state of tennis fandom in the States has never been better. I've attended the USO during week 1 the last four years and have never seen crowds so big and packed stadiums for the 1st match of each day until this year.

 :H :applause:

Now, let's play "Better Know Your Players"

(1) Which of these players did all of the following during one match: (a) nearly punctured the windbreak with a violent racquet toss after a bad call; (b) chided the linesperson and chair; (c) called the umpire to the court; (d) called for the trainer; (e) never once got up following a change over when the chair called "time"; and (f) even gave a ballboy "the business"?

a. Haas
b. Daniilidou
c. Mathieu
d. Malisse
e. Schiavone
f. Golovin

(2) Which of the following players destroyed (a la Marat Safin) a racquet after failing to hold serve?

a. Vaidisova
b. Bjorkman
c. Jankovic
d. Tursunov
e. Murray
f. Dechy

(3) Who aligns Evian bottles maticulously, ensuring that the lables face forward, a la Rafa?

a. Verdasco
b. Santoro
c. Canas
d. Pennetta
e. Ivanovic
f. Kuznetsova

(4) What was Djokovic's highest ball bounce total prior to serve counted by Babblelot?

a. 22
b. 17
c. 28
d. 16
e. 24
f. 21

Must play "Name Them Babblegams" before I post female player pictures. Match these names with the Babblegams:












The Men of 2007 USO

Tennis4you wear makes its USO debut.

Fans peering over AA into Armstrong during the Djokovic-Stepanek match.

Here's a picture of my mate, Grant. We spent 5 hours together Wednesday, the day of Henman-Tursunov, and another 3:30 together Thursday during Murray-Bjorkman's 5 setter. Anyway, he's a nilly-willy Brit who can't bear to watch a Henman match. As soon a Tiger Tim took the court, my mate pulls out a freakin' Ian Fleming novel (Goldfinger)!!!! I'm like, "You guys really can't bear to watch Tim play!!" Then I drew enough attention to him that we shamed him into watching the match in its entirety.

This one's for you, Grant, and all of UK. You're almost famous, now.  ;-()

The Women of 2007 USO


Thanks Scott!!!   :H

2006 US Open


2006 Roland Garros


2005 US Open


2005 Roland Garros

MC ill Logic:
Sweet.  No hot chicks but still cool.

OSU Buckeye:
Nice, indeed!  The picture of Guga hurts my body looking at it.  Pix of Puerta are kind of odd to see since he has been gone for a while.  When is Gonzo gonna quit being tentative and hit a ball hard? haha

What is Scott doing on court at Roland Garros (see pic #9)?



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