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Sharapova / Williams thoughts

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Well, the match has begun and Maria is taking the shaky Williams to school.  A couple things I have noticed...

1.  I saw Maria wearing super long earing and thought, my God!  That has to be annoying as hell.  Then they panned to Serena and her's were even bigger.  What a retarded move if I may say so...

2.  Carillo made 2 good points.
a - When the WIlliams sisters came into the scene and dominated it was all about power.  Now players can match their power and they have been better coached for "tennis", I completely agree.  With that said, bring in Brad Gilbert for Serena!
b - She also said that Serena feels the only person that can beat her is Serena herself, but Mary disagrees now, same for me!  Regardless if Sharapova wins this match or not.

3.  After the first set they showed Maria and played some song where a lady kept singing the word "sexy".  They showed Maria leaning over, they showed (AND ZOOMED IN ON) Maria lifting her skirt to put a ball in the skirt pocket while showing the whities underneath her skirt.  They zoomed into her leg (if I recall correctly) and just showed her walking around the court.  Interesting...  Did we get talked to earlier for even mentioning looks?  sigh

No comment  :whistle:
I wished they do hurry it up so we can see Federer and Safin.

Carillo's comments about how Serena & Venus are washed up are oh so annoying. They were both injured for half a freakin year. Give them a break. I bet anything they wont say that when that RAT comes back and loses. Burn Henin-Hardenne BURN!!! --not really but I really do hope that Carillo backs off a little. Its kind of annoying

She knows she's playing bad, Mary. Way to step it up CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!

I'm with you Arcforce about the commentators.  According to them, anything good that Serena does is luck and Maria is just all talent.  Listening to their tone you'd think the score was something like 0&2.  I predict Serena will prevail in this match.

What do you know, a Williams gets screwed by a call.  I think I've seen this story unfolded before.


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