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Fed defeat: Roddick/Hewitt explode with joy

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They will not have to play him in the final and they must be overjoyed about that. We will have a first time winner of the AO in 2005.

True, I bet they just wet themselves.  Who has the better head to head with Safin?

Roddick, at 3-2, has.
With Hewitt its 5-5.

This should be an interesting semi.  Hewitt just got through with (2) 5 setters.  Roddick has been sleep walking through his lame ass draw.  If Roddick wins that match (doubtful) he may have a chance against someone who just played 4 1/2 hours against Federer.

If Hewitt wins, and it takes him a long time to win, he will have to be exhausted.  Maybe they can play wheelchair tennis for the finals.  I hope the finals is high quality and not 2 tired guys running around.

I'm taking Roddick over Hewitt - purely on the basis of Hewitt's last matches going to four hours each. And as you pointed out,  Roddick is as fresh as possible.


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